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Devotional By Tracy Williamson



Devotional 28th June 2017


Keeping in step with the Spirit

They tried to enter Bithynia but the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them to.  So they passed by Mysia and went down to Troas.  During the night Paul had a vision of a man standing and begging him:  ‘Come over to Macedonia and help us’.  Acts 16: 4 – 15 (NIV)

As a partially-sighted person I trust others to work out routes especially at night-time when I may easily get lost.  But in the daylight I am confident and will blithely make my own way, certain I know what I am doing, but it is quite easy to miss something important.    

Most of us can see enough to find our way without help but sometimes live as if our lives are like a Sat Nav destination!.  We make plans and feel thrown if something unexpected happens. But as this passage shows, we always need to walk in partnership with the Holy Spirit as God alone sees the future.  In this story we see God guiding Paul in specific choices.  On the one hand they were stopped from going to certain places while on the other they were given a vision of a man begging them to go to Macedonia.  Because of their obedience they met Lydia and her household who all opened their hearts to God.  How exciting that God is so involved in our daily lives!  Not to make us robots but to care for and protect us and lead where we will be used most effectively.

Once some friends of mine were in Northern Ireland and had just boarded a train.  It was the best train as all others would involve several changes.  They were finding their seats when one of them insisted God was saying they had to get off. She was so adamant they did so, moments before it departed.  Hours later when they finally reached their destination, they put the TV on to hear breaking news - a train leaving Belfast had been bombed by terrorists.  It was the train they had been on. How wonderful that lady had ears to hear the Lord’s warning and obeyed. 

Father, thank you that you lead the blind along unfamiliar paths.  Please teach me to hear your voice and to be willing to turn around from my plans as you guide me. Thank you for your amazing friendship and care.



Tracy Williamson





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