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Devotional By Tracy Williamson



Devotional 8th June 2017


Welcomed in to the banquet of the Lord

I felt for this devotional that the Lord wanted me to share this beautiful vision of His love for you.  He gave me this in 2000 when I was ministering at a conference with Marilyn and many responded and were filled with His wonderful love.  Please know as you read it that this is true for you too.  He has chosen you and made you His own.  He has seated you on high with Him.  He loves you with the same love He has for His Son Jesus.  Praying the message of this vison will bring you deep joy and comfort and be a real blessing to you.


I saw a large hall beautifully decorated for a banquet. Many tables were loaded with a wonderful feast and beautifully set for the guests. There was a huge log fire filling the hall with warmth. All the guests were talking and laughing and enjoying the food. All were radiant and wearing luxurious clothes that were full of light and colour. At the head table sits the King. He Is awesome and beautiful, clothed in dazzling white that shines out with a glorious light. He is full of majesty and joy.

Then outside the door I saw you. You are hovering, afraid to go in. You know that you have a right to go in, but you do not feel you have. You peep round the door and see all the beauty and you feel dirty and ashamed. You feel that it cannot be for you, yet at the same time you long for it to be. You find a little wooden stool just outside the door and you sit there. You try to comfort yourself that you are so close to the Almighty King. You can hear the sounds of the banquet and smell the feast. How wonderful to be so close! But deep down you know this is false comfort. You feel a deep grief because you want to be inside but you feel that you don't belong.

Suddenly the door opens and to your amazement the King Himself comes out, dazzling In His pure light. You shrink back terrified. 'Don't let Him see me.'  But He does see you, He comes and stoops down in front of you on your little stool. He says,  'Don't shrink away from me, my beloved child. I came out here because I knew you were here. I came to find you and bring you in.   I want you to sit with me.'   You exclaim in tears 'I can't go in, I don't belong'   He says, 'Of course you belong. You belong to me. I want you at my side. I have a place ready for you.’

He takes you by the hand and draws you through the door. You feel overwhelmed by all the beauty. You see an empty place at the very end of a table and think that must be yours. You try to pull back and He turns to you and says with such longing. 'Child, please come with me. I long so much to be with you, to love you, to talk with you and just to cherish your company. I can't force you to come but please believe that you belong to me and I want to be with you.'

So He draws you to a place right next to Him.  You are overwhelmed and think I cannot sit here, but He says, 'this place, belongs to you'. He shows you and there is your name at the place and on the utensils and wine goblet. But still you are panicking!  You think I am not dressed as all the rest, I feel so dirty and ashamed.

And He turns to you with such kindness and adoration In His eyes and says 'Child, why do you look at yourself in that ugly way? You are not clothed as you think. I have taken those ugly things long ago. See how beautiful you are now.'   And as you follow His gaze and look at yourself truly, you see to your joy that you are wearing the most beautiful dress that is absolutely radiant with light and colour. Then at last you accept that you do belong, right there at His side. You sit with Him and you gaze into each others eyes. You cherish His words and revel in the way He listens to you and loves you. You indulge in the feast and are full of joy but most of all you keep bathing in the love in His face which is absolutely wonderful.

Tracy Williamson

From a vision received from the Lord while ministering at a conference in 2000.




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