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Changing Me & Overflow of Worship by Marilyn Baker (2 CDs)
Changing Me & Overflow of Worship by Marilyn Baker  

Track listing
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Disc One - Changing Me

  1. The day of the Lord
  2. God wants to give you
  3. Can a Mother
  4. Do you ever find it
  5. God's only Son
  6. Jesus Himself has promised
  7. Can anybody find
  8. Do not criticise
  9. Seek and you will find me
  10. Rest in my love
  11. Jesus you are changing me

Disc Two - Overflow of Worship

  1. Yesterday Today And Forever
  2. Relaxing In The Presence Of Jesus
  3. All I Want To Do
  4. Seeing Is Believing
  5. Timeless
  6. You have given me a new heart
  7. I the Lord of sea and sky
  8. Who paints the skies?
  9. Lord I want to tell you
  10. Your love has melted my heart
  11. Tranquility
  12. Loved with an everlasting love
  13. The love of God
  14. Jesus is Lord of all
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