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'The Transforming Power of Prayer'- Brunel Manor, Torquay, Devon

Monday 4th to Sunday 10th September

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Marilyn and Tracy will be leading a conference at Brunel Manor, Torquay, Devon from Monday 4th to Sunday 10th September and would love for you to join them.

For more details please call Brunel direct on 01803 329333, email or visit


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Why not read our devotionals page and be encouraged today? If you have any feedback, then perhaps you would like to email Tracy directly -


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Marilyn's music has been such a source of blessing to many over the years and we're happy to say that two of Marilyn's old albums are now available to buy again. Please see our mail order page for details. We are still praying about the possibility that Marilyn will be able to record some of her newer, devotional songs which are as yet unpublished. Please pray the Lord leads clearly in this.

Tracy's books are still all available and many people have found them wonderful resources to inspire them on their own walk with God.

Tracy is in the process of writing a new book about receiving the Father's love which she hopes will be published in 2014.


Marilyn Baker, The Ultimate Collection - Click for more info

Expecting God to Speak to you by Tracy Williamson - Click for more info... Encountering God by Tracy Williamson - Click for more info...

Letting God Speak Through You by Tracy Williamson - Click for more info Flying Free with God by Tracy Williamson - Click for more info...

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Tracy has started up a spiritual blog called Journey in God. This is a spiritual journal encouraging people in their walk with God. Please take a look at this and add your own comments if you want to. The link is:- If you want to contact Tracy personally regarding the blog you can email her directly on

If you are on Facebook would you like to be part of the 'Hearing the Voice of God' (closed) group that Tracy hosts? If so, please send your name to the office so Tracy can invite you to join the group.




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MBM is in very great need of sound engineers to accompany Marilyn and Tracy at their events.  Over the past year Marilyn’s most regular sound engineers have both had to retire due to health reasons.

If anyone wants to try their hand at this, even with no prior experience, they’ll get all the support they need from us. 

If you live within a reasonable distance of Tonbridge (no more than 1 hour away) and are able to volunteer - or if you know anyone else who might be able to - please let us know.  It would ideally suit an active retired person, or someone with time on their hands and not too many other commitments, who is happy to help with both one day and residential events.  Any expenses will be met.  

It is a very real possibility that the ministry will struggle to continue without more sound engineers on board. 


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What’s it like to be ‘On the Road with MBM’?  We usually set off from Hadlow in Kent later than we need to.  Hurl at 69mph along the motorway to arrive at a Church, a Hall or whatever, with little time to spare to erect the PA (the system that can make anything sound better than it is) to suit the place and the singer.  Then slump exhausted into a seat whilst twiddling knobs on mixers and other like equipment, only to reverse the whole procedure an hour or so later whilst Marilyn and Tracy drink tea and eat cakes, etc., before returning to Hadlow once more, when they sleep soundly in the back of the van while we drivers sing quietly to ourselves about Home Sweet Home!

Why do we do it?

Because God mightily blesses this ministry and us with it.

Why does God bless it?

Because He has anointed Marilyn to write and sing songs which, as we listen, move us directly into heavenly places.  And God has anointed Tracy to hear what He is wanting us to hear, and then the ability in her gentle way of telling us what God has said; that He loves us to bits!

So what is it really like ‘On the Road with MBM’?  It’s actually really a ‘WOW’!  Sometimes going to an event can be a bit daunting, but often coming home we can be on such a Spiritual high that it’s difficult to steer a straight line!

If you want to change your life to something far more exciting and absorbing than you’ve known before then I suggest you apply to join us ‘On the Road with MBM’.


Premier Radio Programme   Arrow down
You may know that Marilyn presents a Premier Radio Programme for Torch Trust for the Blind, called Insight. It is broadcast every Sunday at 4pm. Its emphasis is encouragement and inspiration. It consists of stories and informative interviews of special interest to disabled people but inspiring to all.    radio

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