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Devotional 30th August 2018

(Adapted from one written by Tracy for the blog)

'My dove in the clefts of the rock, in the hiding places on the mountainside. Show me your face, let me hear your voice, for your voice is sweet and your face is lovely' (NIV) S of S: 2:14

The healing process of bringing a work to birth

In this blog I want to share about the healing process of writing my new book The Father's Kiss. I sense that some of you, like me, are feeling afraid of stepping out into something new, maybe because it's potentially unlocking of buried hurts or struggles in your life? God wants to encourage you to take that step and not hold back.In His hands our greatest weaknesses can become His most beautiful channels of grace. He says to all of us:

'Take my hand and step into what I've called you to be. I will help and empower you. Am I not the creator within you, so go ahead with confidence and joy.'

So, me....I am in an in-between place at the moment. An exciting one but rather scary too. I'm about to publish my new book The Father's Kiss (on Sept 7th) and that feels like an amazing step. Something new has been birthed, formed over 4 years from deep within me.

Do you find that as you seek to serve the Lord in your own unique way, searching your heart for love and opportunities to share and opening up to the Spirit's wise and loving guidance, that God uses that very process to shine the spotlight of His healing love into areas of your life that need His touch?

This has been my experience in writing this book and is so again now too as I seek to make it known, for that is something I find hard to do because of how it awakens the old whispers of failure and inferiority.
But our loving Father loves us too much to allow the hurting parts of our lives to remain hidden. He calls to us, as He called to the dove in the Song of Solomon 2:14

'My dove in the clefts of the rock, in the hiding places on the mountainside. Show me your face, let me hear your voice, for your voice is sweet and your face is lovely' (NIV)

He wants to hear us, the whole of us not just our spoken words and that includes our creative gifts too. He longs to see us because we are beautiful to Him, to see the whole of us, who we are as people as well as what we look like. We wants to free us from our hiding places.

So what has made this book such a big deal for me? Well, ten years ago I believed I would never write again for I became crushed in my confidence in hearing God's guidance after being turned down for ordination. I thought, if I'd got that wrong how can I be sure that God wants me to write? So for many years I confined my writing to these devotionals. Yet deep down I felt a yearning to write a book again, but surely that couldn't be from God? So I put it off and ran away but step by step He spoke to me, putting His longing into my heart that people know that He loves us passionately and affectionately and is committed to us as a Father..

This is what He wanted me to write, so that I and all might receive the Father's kiss of love. This was a huge theme for me as I had suffered deep wounds of rejection and abuse in my childhood and so the book was to be born out of the depths of my experiences of both hurt and healing for I surely could not write something that was theologically true but not my own experience?

It would have been so easy not to have done it, so many reasons why writing another book wasn't a great idea, yet over and over He confirmed and enabled me, sometimes giving me beautiful prophetic words of love while I was actually writing, that were to go into the book. Words that were for others and yet ministered to me too. And so it came into being and was accepted for publication and on 7th September it will be out. How amazing His love and enabling! But He never stops His healing work in us, for as I hinted earlier, I'm now in the process of making it known, ‘confidently' promoting my creation in the expectancy that others will be blessed. This is hard, a new level from the writing. But I am coming to believe the Lord uses this process of serving Him and reaching out in our own unique way, using the gifts He has given us as a way not only of blessing others but of freeing us from those knots the enemy wants to keep us tied up in.

The fact I'm realising is that my Father God wants us all to be free and whole, so while its important that we achieve and do the things He has laid on our hearts to do, far more important is who we become in the process - ever more truly His beloved children, accepted, loved and confidently living out His calling.

(The Father’s Kiss will be published on 7th September in print form and from 1st September in E Reader format from Amazon. Print copies available from, Amazon, CLC and other Christian bookshops and from us at MBM.

Tracy Williamson

Father holding hands The Father's Kiss Artwork